Day 2 - Ideation Activities

Day 2 - Ideation Activities

Recipe: Design Sprint (Day 2)

  1. Lightning Demos
  2. Divide or Swarm
  3. 4-Step Sketch

Materials needed for day-2 - Access to Mural (digital whiteboard) - Microsoft Teams (for group video calls) - Paper (for sketching) - Sharpie and pens

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More resources - links etc go here

Day 2 - Overview

Day 1 is about understanding the problem and choosing a Target for your Sprint. On Day 2, you finally get to move to solution ideas! The day starts with inspiration and looking at who else in the world has solved similar problems well. Then, in the afternoon, each person will “sketch” concept ideas, utilizing critical thinking over artistry. You’ll also begin preparing for Friday’s customer test.

2-min overview of all Day-2 activities

Watch this video by the creator of the Google Ventures Design Sprint and author of the Sprint Book.

Key tips before you start Day 2

  • Make sure the same team members will join Day-2 activities
  • Ensure that key outputs from the previous day are clear and concrete: (if any are not 100% solid, make time with the Decider before the group meets for Day-2)
    1. Long-Term Goal
    2. Killer Questions
    3. Target

Day-2 activities