4-Step Concept Sketch

4-Step Concept Sketch

Recipe step number

Day 2, Activity 3


Sketch clear recommendations for solutions

Reading Time

5 mins

Activity time

20 mins - 1 hr

Recipe: Design Sprint (Day 2)

  1. Lightning Demos
  2. Divide or Swarm
  3. 4-Step Sketch
Materials - Access to Mural (digital whiteboard) - Microsoft Teams (for group video calls)
Related Mural templates: Design Sprint complete 5-day canvas
More resources - links etc go here


Why do this activity? This allows every expert in the Sprint to have a voice and recommendation for the solution. It’s a chance for individuals to pull together all of the great knowledge, inspiration, and focal points into something a key stakeholder or customer could experience

Here's a video from Design Sprint agency AJ&Smart that shows the complete process of the 4-Step Sketch.

Key Tips

Tips from the Sprint Book - pages 103-118
Key tips & learnings from Advance Concepts™

How to do this activity

(Watch the video above for more information about the activity)

  1. Take Notes
    • Independently while reviewing the Lightning Demos.
    • Just note important things that could lead to great ideas, or be important for idea generation. Whatever inspires you.
  2. Early Ideas
    • Independently start pulling some of the inspirational notes together into early ideas or maybe even doodles.
    • Start formulating, but don’t worry about a “baked” idea yet
  3. “Crazy 8s”
    • In 8 mins, generate 8 wildly different ideas.
    • Be crazy, it’s about exploring.
  4. Solution Sketch
    • This is the sketch that the team will see.
    • This will convey an experience (3 panels for a beginning, middle, and end).
    • It should describe the details and show important features that could go into the prototype.
    • Utilize text, doodles, lines, arrows, and icons.
    • Have a title, but DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON IT.
    • See "Sketching" ideas for more tips on creating your sketch