Day 3 - Design: Experience Activities

Day 3 - Design: Experience Activities

Recipe: Design Sprint (Day-3)

  1. Deciding on ideas
  2. Rumble (optional)
  3. User Test Flow
  4. Storyboard

Materials needed for Day-1 - Access to Mural (digital whiteboard) - Microsoft Teams (for group video calls)

More resources - links etc go here

Day-3 Overview

On Day 3 of the Design Sprint, you and your team will have a range of solutions sketches to choose from. You’ll critique each solution, and decide which ones have the best chance of achieving your long-term goal. Then (later in the day) you’ll take the winning scenes from your sketches and weave them into a storyboard (which becomes a step-by-step plan for your prototype).

2-min overview of all Day-3 activities

Watch this video by the creator of the Google Ventures Design Sprint and author of the Sprint Book.

Key tips before you start Day-3

Day-3 Activities