Recipe: Design Sprint

Recipe: Design Sprint


A 1-week process to solve big innovation challenges

Activity time

1 week

The Design Sprint is a 1-week approach to problem-solving and testing big ideas. Use this step-by-step guide to run this 1-week method with a team.

An overview in 90 seconds

Watch this 90 second video to get an overview of the original Google Ventures Design Sprint method.

You can get the Sprint Book if you want a reference guide you can hold in your hands.

Why use a Design Sprint?

There are three main reasons to use a Design Sprint for your challenge:

  • To solve a complex problem (and de-risk the chance of failure)
  • To get buy-in and solve a challenge collaboratively (and avoid conflicting agendas later on)
  • To test a bold new idea (before investing in a large scale project)

Get started: Step-by-step facilitation guide

Tips before you start - Gather a diverse group who are invested in the outcome - Identify someone to take the Decider role - Narrow down the challenge to a concrete problem (if needed)
Materials required - Access to Mural (digital whiteboard) - Microsoft Teams (for group video calls) - Paper, pens, sharpie, stickies (for sketching at home) - Software for digital prototyping (see Tools & Templates)

All the Design Sprint activities

All the Design Sprint activities

Templates & Resources

Use these pre-made canvases to create and customize a digital workspace for your Design Sprint.