Day 1 - Frame & Learn Activities

Day 1 - Frame & Learn Activities

Recipe: Design Sprint (Day-1)

  1. Long-Term Goal
  2. Killer Questions
  3. Map
  4. Ask the Experts
  5. Choosing a Target

Materials needed for Day-1 - Access to Mural (digital whiteboard) - Microsoft Teams (for group video calls)

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More resources - links etc go here

Day 1 - Overview

Day 1 is typically structured discussions to create a shared path for the sprint week. You can “start at the end” with a long-term goal, map the challenge to determine focus moments, and ask customers/experts about the challenge at hand. By the end of the day you’ll pick a "Target": an ambitious but manageable piece of the problem that you can solve in one week.

4-min overview of all Day-1 activities

Watch this video by the creator of the Google Ventures Design Sprint and author of the Sprint Book.

4-min overview of all day-1 activities

Key tips before you start Day-1

  • Gather a diverse group who are invested in the outcome
  • Identify someone to take the Decider role
  • Narrow down the challenge to a concrete definition (if needed)

Day-1 Activities