Day 5 - Test Activities

Day 5 - Test Activities

Recipe: Design Sprint (Day 5)

  1. Customer Interviews
  2. Learnings

Materials needed for day-5 - Microsoft Teams (for group video calls)

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Day 5 - Overview

Why do this? This is what it’s all about. Learning in days, not months. Getting realistic reactions, and not being committed to the end solution. It puts the team in a position to invest (or stop investing) in the solution.

By Day 5, you’ve created promising solutions, chosen the best to test with, and built a realistic prototype. The last step is to interview customers and learn by watching them react to your prototype.

At the end of the day, you’ll capture your key learnings and have a shared sense of the direction you’ll need to go after the sprint.

2-min overview of all Day-5 activities

Watch this video by the creator of the Google Ventures Design Sprint and author of the Sprint Book.

Key tips before you start Day-5

Find the right target customers to test the prototype
Learn more about asking the right kinds of questions

Day-5 Activities