Learnings (Interview debrief)

Learnings (Interview debrief)

Recipe step number
Day 5, Activity 2
Summarize learnings and next steps
Reading Time
6 mins

Recipe: Design Sprint (Day 5)

  1. Customer Interviews
  2. Learnings

Materials - Access to Mural (digital whiteboard) - Microsoft Teams (for group video calls)

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Why do this activity? You’ve collected data during each interview, now you look across the interviews and summarize learnings and potential next steps. Get greater insight by looking across interviews. Review the Killer Questions and answer them if possible (most, if not all). Use these learnings to determine action steps and share effectively.

Watch this video, from Design Sprint agency AJ&Smart (video starts at 7:58) which explains how to assess and summarize the results from customer interviews.

Key Tips

Tips from the Sprint Book - pages 216-225
  • Watch Together, Learn Together – It’s important for the team to do this together, as its like the difference between talking about a movie you saw and watching it together
  • Take interview notes as a group – all observers should be prepared with positive, negative, (and neutral) stickies. Keep to themselves until the interview is complete.
  • Look for patterns – after all interviews, have the team silently do a gallery walk, writing down patterns/themes. Share back as a group and capture on a whiteboard.
  • Back to the future – go back to the sprint questions. Answer them as a group (Yes, No, or maybe Maybe). Highlight learnings that support the answers.
Key tips/learnings from Advance Concepts™
  • Be sure to hold enough time to do this effectively. It’s the end of a long week – but it’s very important! 1-2 hours is typical.
  • Have individuals reflect on the Killer Questions – ask them to identify the data points the reinforce that.
  • One of the best things about the data-board is the visual analysis that can be done. You can literally see what parts of the experience were positive or poor based on the color-coding used during note-taking.
  • We always like to end the Wrap-Up with action steps. After reviewing the Sprint Questions, ask the team – “What are the implications?” – “What should be done next” – “Who on this team could be responsible”
  • We pre-schedule “Momentum meetings” to take place a couple days, a couple weeks, and a couple months after sprint week. Without this, there can be significant drop-off.

How to do this activity

Allow 1-2 hours

Step 1: Reflect on the Sprint Questions

  • Read the Sprint Questions to the team
  • Remind them we are still focusing on finding the answers to these

Step 2: Identify data points that relate to the Sprint Questions

  • Ask the team to read over all the notes from the customer interviews
  • Find a way to highlight relevant points (e.g. use voting in Mural, or copy&paste relevant notes)

Step 3: Draw conclusions

  • Reflect on the most relevant points as highlighted by the team
  • Read over the Sprint Questions and determine final answers

Step 4: Document action steps

  • With the team identify productive next steps, e.g.
    • other teams/people to engage
    • any more information to collect
    • how to present/pitch the results to move forward

Celebrate, thank, and congratulate the team 🎉

... and now rest for a couple of days 🙂