Divide or Swarm (optional)

Divide or Swarm (optional)

Recipe step number

Day 2, Activity 2


Option to divide multiple opportunity areas

Reading Time

2 mins

Recipe: Design Sprint (Day 2)

  1. Lightning Demos
  2. Divide or Swarm
  3. 4-Step Sketch
Materials - Access to Mural (digital whiteboard) - Microsoft Teams (for group video calls)
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Why do this activity? To decide who will sketch which part of the map. Sometimes there maybe several rich opportunity areas inside your chosen Target on the map. If it feels beneficial, the team split up to explore solution ideas for the different areas.

Key Tips

Tips from the Sprint Book - page 102
  • Explore why why dividing may be of value.
  • If you decide to use this, allow the team to individually decide where they’ll focus. You can simply have them place their name-stick in the area they want to focus on.
Key tips/learnings from Advance Concepts™
  • We often have a brief discussion with the Decider during a break after Lightning demos. We’ll visit the map and ask if they would like to “Divide or Swarm”.
  • Often it’s clear where to go, but when it’s not the Decider can choose or utilize this activity as a team.

How to do this activity

  • Explore why why dividing may be of value
    • Set a timer for 10 mins
    • The facilitator should kick-off a discussion by suggesting a few pros and cons
    • Leave the team to discuss
    • You can use a quick 1 min Note & Vote if it feels useful
  • If you decide to divide:
    • allow the team members to individually choose where they want to focus their solution ideas.
    • You can simply have everyone place a (different colored) sticky with their name on it in the area on the Map they want to focus on
    • They should only choose areas of the Map that were chosen to be inside the Target area