Design Thinking Essentials

Design Thinking Essentials

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Design Thinking is an innovation framework that uses a human-centered mindset to challenge assumptions, redefine problems and find strategic solutions.

This class teaches the Design Thinking principles and mindset, and the practical application of some fundamental methods which are useful for a variety of real work situations.

In two half-day sessions the group will be guided through activities to solve a creative challenge and find innovative solutions using practical, hands-on methods.

Open to all Koch employees.

Learn fundamental methods & principles while working together in Mural

No powerpoint! You’ll learn how to use
No powerpoint! You’ll learn how to use Mural to collaborate more effectively with your team.

Apply multiple hands-on methods in real-time with expert practitioners

Learn multiple activities for innovation and problem solving
Learn multiple activities for innovation and problem solving

Who is it for?

The Design Thinking mindset is beneficial to anyone who solves problems as part of their work, especially innovators, project leaders, anyone responsible for transformation or who participates in creative change.

This class is designed for beginners. If you’ve already participated in a session or are regularly using design thinking methods, the material may cover fundamentals you already know.

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We host 2 classes each month. View the current schedule and register via the Koch U SharePoint site (link is internal to Koch, not accessible by the public).

2-Day Design Thinking Essentials Agenda

Day 1

Day 2