Mural Template: LDJ (Lightning Decision Jam)
Mural Template: LDJ (Lightning Decision Jam)

Mural Template: LDJ (Lightning Decision Jam)


A 1-2 hour workshop to solve problems & reach concrete decisions

What is an LDJ?

The Lightning Decision Jam is a simple 1-2 hour workshop that anyone can use with a group of people to solve problems & reach concrete decisions.

You don’t need to be an expert facilitator to run an LDJ! In fact many people say it’s one of the best methods to start trying out facilitation.

Activities in the LDJ:

  • Explore the challenge - What’s working, and not working
  • Define a key problem/s - Decide what to focus on
  • Ideate - Come up with solution ideas
  • Prioritize - Categorize based on effort/impact
  • Action plan - Make solutions actionable

View the LDJ Mural template:

How to use this template

  1. Open the template here
  2. Click the "Create mural from template" button to create your own editable version of the board
  3. image

  4. Read the step-by-step facilitation guide for the LDJ. It will walk you through each activity in the board. It can help to read through the entire process ahead of time, as well as using it as a facilitation guide on the day.
  5. (optional) If you want to adjust or add anything to the board (e.g. examples, screenshots, reference documents,...) you can also do this ahead of time. (we recommend not changing the structure or order of each activity unless you are an advanced practitioner)
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