Mural Template: Self-Guided Design Sprint
Mural Template: Self-Guided Design Sprint

Mural Template: Self-Guided Design Sprint


A twist on the classic 1-week Design Sprint - When it's tricky to schedule multiple team members

What is a "Self-Guided" Design Sprint?

A "standard" Design Sprint is conducted over 5 days with a team of people working together on the same activities at the same time. There are typically 2-3 collaborative sessions each day and a facilitator guides the team members through each step together live.

An "self-guided" Sprint involves the same steps, but the activities can be done separately by each person in their own time (with some deadlines).

Instead of a facilitator there are pre-recorded videos explaining each activity clearly.

However, there are a few short meetings during the week where the group will join together to make key decisions collectively.

Read the story of how the Self-Guided Sprint was created by a training manager at GP.

View the Asynchronous Design Sprint Mural board:

How to use this template

  1. Open the template here
  2. Click the "Create mural from template" button to create your own editable version of the board
  3. image
  4. Look over the board. Each separate activity comes with an instructional guidance video explaining how to do the task. Each person can watch these and do the activity in their own time.
  5. Tip: Browse through the Mural board and watch each short video in advance to help you feel prepared for what will happen. Here's an example of one of those instruction videos:

  1. (optional) If you want to adjust or add anything to the board (e.g. examples, screenshots, reference documents,... you can also do this ahead of time. (we recommend not changing the structure or order of each activity unless you are an advanced practitioner)

Tip : You can also read the written instructions for the standard (synchronous) Design Sprint recipe. The activities are the same, and it can help to read through the entire process ahead of time, as well as watching the videos on the day.

Don't forget! You can reach out to the innovation experts at Advance Concepts™ at any time for facilitation support, tips & advice, or just to have a chat!)